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Integrated Medicine Metaphysiotherapy

 Metaphysiotherapy is for clients who wish to refresh their energies and bring positive changes to life with the help of  non-medical, natural sources. The therapy is a combination of alternative medicines and spiritual approach. The therapist connects to the higher vibrational energy of the client called spirit guide that goes through the healing process that gently helps bring changes that the client needs.

The therapist first conducts counseling and decides together what the client wants to solve the most. The therapist then begins the session and heals the total body using the 100% natural, safe medium including crystals specifically arranged for therapy called powerstones, original aroma oil blend made specifically for the client, and reflexology massaging the sole of the feet. 

In a relaxed state, the client can receive the healing, positive energies of the natural materials at their own pace, releasing old/negative energies. By the synthesis of the positive energies generated by the combination of alternative medicines and spiritual healing energy,  you regenerate on multiple levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, causing a fresh new energy to bring the change in life that you wish.


Mimiten Feature

  • The therapist’s hands are said to be “healing hands” that “get warm”. This is the method using Oneness channeling healing (hands on/off) where the therapist places the hand on the body part, reads the spiritual conflict causing the stress, and selects appropriate type of crystals to help heal. Since the therapist is channeled to the Oneness energy, the healing energy is also provided through the hands (the degree of sensation varies by individual).
  • Although the professional therapist is very prompt and precise, she has a kind empathic atmosphere that gives you the feeling you can share your thoughts and feelings freely.
  • For starters who wishes to try all Mimiten’s therapies, there is a 60-minute experience session. Please see below for the session detail.

The Origin of Metaphysioherapy

Metaphysiotherapy was developed by Dr. Margaret Rogers Van Coops, a metaphysician and doctor, born in England, currently residing in USA. Being a psychic herself, she was directly taught by one of the Oneness Master Teachers when she suffered from genetic Parkinson disease in her 30s. The therapy originated in England, where the therapy is covered by health insurance.

Metaphysiotherapy combines multiple alternative medicine methods, including crystals that are specifically designed for therapies, aroma oils, and reflexology to provide the most appropriate session for the client. 

The client is healed at multiple layers, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers. This brings healing and positive changes that the client needs at that moment. The experience and change varies by the individual.

The combined therapies are below. 

・Aroma reflexology
・Crystal acupuncture, spiritual acupuncture
・Teragram therapy
・Core teragram therapy
・Oneness channeling healing (Hands on/off)


Components of Metaphysiotherapy

Metaphysiotherapy is a combination of below alternative medicines and methods.


The aroma has played central role to heal the problems of body, mind, and spirit since the ancient times. The oil is made by thinning the essential oil with vegetable oil, applied to and absorbed in the skin of feet, and spreading throughout the body. A certified organic oil with high quality is used for the treatment. Length and range of reflexology may vary as necessary.

Crystal Acupuncture

Through crystals shaped for therapies, the healing energy flows through “meridian”, that immediately spreads throughout the body, shifting 5 bodies (physical, etheric, spirit, higher mind, and soul bodies). The blocks, negativity, and pain in the physical/emotional/ mind/spiritual level are released, the cells go back to the healthy and balanced state, and the body is filled with energy.

Core teragram/Teragram

They are the slices of agates selected for therapies. The core teragram releases the past negative memories, experiences, emotions, and habits. Teragram recovers the balance of chakras to return to its normal, healthy, appropriate speed. With these, various energies causing the illness is released, regaining a comfortable, gentle, and healthy condition at all mental/body/spirit level.


Hypnotherapy or appropriate guidance is given by flowing with the Oneness. For clients who want to take out the negative memories and emotions, new and positive thoughts are incorporated to help achieve the life or goal the client wishes. 

Oneness Channeling Healing

Healing is conducted by resonating with the Oneness energy. Method of hands-on (touching the physical body) or hands-off (without touching) are used to heal the energy bodies (etheric/spirit/higher mind/soul bodies). 



Messages and guidances may be delivered by Oneness spirit guides to the clients during the session. The therapist may communicate messages or stories if they receive any from spirit guides or masters necessary for the client.

Therapy Sessions

Please click on the “+” button on the right side of each session to see detail.


The Spiritual and Alternative Combination Therapy (Metaphysiotherapy) is combination of alternative medicines and methods that delivers the most appropriate session for the client. It applies to multiple layers including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers, causing healing and change to occur gently that is necessary for the client. The combined therapies are as follows.

・Aroma and reflexology
・Crystal acupuncture, spiritual acupuncture
・Teragram therapy
・Core teragram therapy
・Oneness channeling healing (hands on/off)

The therapy does no include “flower remedies”. It is available as option upon request. Please request when you apply.

Are there any takeaways?
You will receive a gift of original 30ml aroma oil bottle specially blended by the therapist.

■Where can I get the therapy?
Because the therapy requires the client to be physically present, the therapy is available at the salon in Tokyo, Japan. The therapist is a native English speaker, so any client who speaks English can get the therapy.

■How to make appointment
To receive the therapy, please book from the booking form.

[Single] Mimiten Therapy Package

This session is intended for clients who wants to see which therapies provided at Mimiten fits for themselves. The clients gets to experience little bit of each sessions below:

・Crystal accupuncture, spiritual accupuncture, teragram therapy
・Oneness channeling healing (Hands on/off)
・Aroma reflexology
・Flower remedy counseling (with one treatment bottle)

Are there any takeaways?
One set of original aroma oil and flower remedy treatment bottle are provided as gift to take home, so you can continue to heal yourself at home.

■How to make appointment
Appointment is necessary to get the counselor’s time. Please see availability in the booking form.

[3 tickets] Mimiten Therapy Package

The 3 tickets are intended for clients who wish to continue to take the 60-minute Mimiten Therapy Package.

With 3 tickets, there is discount of ¥1000 per each session.
You can try the single therapy first and shift any time to purchase the 3 tickets to get discount.

Are there any takeaways?
In each session, one set of original aroma oil and flower remedy treatment bottle are provided as gift to take home, so you can continue to heal yourself at home.

■How to make appointment
To receive the therapy, please book from the booking form.

You can benefit from the therapy if you…

  • Want to release an old way of thinking or habit that no longer serves me, have hope, and live a more fulfilling life by accepting the positive, new energy in the therapy
  • Want to feel clear and light with the healing energy of nature, as I feel my body is pulled down/heavy or dizzy with many changes around me
  • Want to change my past self image and have more confidence from within with the therapy’s positive energy 
  • Want to release the spiritual block/cause of the physical symptoms and receive advices/messages, and alleviate pain with appropriate powerstones
  • Want to relax and be healed from the complexities or fatigue from past relationships and receive hints/advices to live without any negative influence 
  • Want to find out the inner conflict within me that is causing the outer conflicts with my partner, family or loved ones by interacting with the higher energy in therapy, and improve the relationship by healing it and changing myself

"(After taking therapy,) many things happened during the next one week. I was surprised that the back pain got so much better. Mentally I feel I recover more quickly when it gets down."

K.K., Japan, 40s, Female – Spiritual healing therapy

"The memory from the middle school is unforgettable for me, but I had perceived it as distrust toward the teacher, so I was surprised when I noticed it had been also linked to the reluctance to write. I could not remember the emotion I felt then, but when the therapist released the anger energy, I learned the shock and damage I had experienced was big, and I really felt the importance of releasing any negative emotion that i wasn't aware of."

E.O., Japan, 40s, Female – Spiritual healing therapy

"I was surprised that when my toes were stimulated, they resonated to the hip joint of my leg. For therapy on stomach, I salivated a lot, and swallowed many times, so I felt the effect. The head felt was so relaxing that I slept. I was so surprised that unexpected tears fell from my eyes."

K.S., 30s, Female –  Powerstone therapy

"It was my first time taking this kind of therapy and I was doubtful, but I actually felt the effect like shivers and itch in the ear. Whether it was the powerstone or the therapist's skill, I relaxed so much that I went into deep sleep, snoring. Stuffy nose was cured, stiff shoulder was cured, and I feel clear and more at ease."

N.S., Japan, 40s, Female – Powerstone therapy

Important Notice 

If you have any severe symptoms, please get permission by your doctor first.

・All Mimiten services are not medical treatment and do not guarantee any medical effects.

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