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Get to know your soul

Spiritual sessions where you get to know your soul are packed with hints and surprises to enrich your life by knowing and choosing the path of your true self, your spirit.  Your spirit has a plan and a purpose during this lifetime before you are born. No matter who, what, where you are, we each have a unique path for spiritual growth, and all are the the divine light to become one with the source of creation, the pure light, at the end of the journey.

Want to know more? The trained psychic counselor connects to your higher being who looks over you called the spirit guide and delivers the message and information related to the requested session using psychic sense – clairvoyance (vision), clairaudience (sound), and clairsentience (touch, etc).

Mimiten’s Feature

  • The counselor has various career experience from freelance to musician to large enterprise business woman in different parts of the world. The messages and advices have both the spiritual higher view point and down-to-earth realistic view point.
  • Although the professional counselor is very prompt and precise, she has a kind empathic atmosphere that gives you the feeling you can share your thoughts and feelings freely.
  • The services can be added and customized according to the clients’ needs to provide a more holistic treatment, using 100% natural and safe alternative medicines such as flower essence and crystals.

Supporting tools for spiritual reading

Oracle cards

The oracle cards contain loving insightful information through images and words intended to help and guide the users. In the session this tool is sometimes used to receive supplementary information related to the client’s questions. The card is selected by either the client or the therapist, leveraging the law of attraction by connecting to the client’s spirit guide.


Crystal pendulum dowsing

Dowsing is conducted with a crystal point tied to the string. In the session this tool is sometimes used to confirm simple answers such as  “Yes” or “No”. By channeling to the spirit guide, the nodding direction of pendulum resonates with the client’s subconscious mind or any energy that the client is holding, which may or may not necessarily be the same as what the client is aware of in their conscious mind. 

What is spiritual reading?

Spiritual reading is the act of delivering information that are channeled through a being who uses psychic sense to the higher energy forms of universe. It is intended to help the client find hint to their problems or receive any necessary information at that point of time.

Most clients who request spiritual reading come to understand what and why the things are happening around them, and to get a hint of what they can do to create their desirable future. The topics covered are broad, from job to love to family to community relationships to financial issues. 

What is psychic sense?
Psychic sense is a so-called ‘super-natural’ sense that perceives an image, sound, or touch/smell that does not physically exist, thus cannot be perceived by the physical 5 senses. There are mainly 3 psychic senses.

Clairvoyance: Ability to see nonphysical vibrations. Through third eye, you see images in a spiritual dimension that the physical eyes do not perceive. The images include colors, aura, spirit form, and symbolic figures.

Clairaudience: Ability to hear nonphysical vibrations. Through your spiritual ear, you hear sounds and voices that are fine vibration of energy not perceivable by the ear. The sounds may arise not only from humans but also plants, stones, and even walls that have absorbed the vibrations.

Psychometry (clairsentience): Ability to touch/smell/taste nonphysical vibrations. You can feel as if something is there, or receive residual thoughts and emotions from a physical material that belongs to a certain person. Psychometry is sometimes called clairsentience, which includes the ability to smell and taste nonphysical vibrations. Smell is sometimes referred as clairalience, taste as clairgustance.

Each psychic sees different images, sounds, and feelings according to the plane of the vibration they attune to. The focus of the session differs by the spiritual readers according to their intended services. You can find the reader who matches your needs for example by checking their websites, reading the reviews, and of course, with your intuition. 

Spiritual sessions

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Legacy of your past lives reading

Our spirits continue to learn through experiences in many lives, reincarnating from one body to another. In each life, there is a main theme to learn throughout that lifetime. The experience may be positive, and it may also be negative, as the source of creation is about both aspects interacting to become closer to the light, leading to spiritual growth. Mimiten’s past lives reading focuses on these legacy learnings.

By taking 3 samples of past lives experiences from different spiritual levels, you can learn the milestones of your spiritual growth and a common theme that is relevant to you at this moment of your life today.

■ 3 levels of reincarnation and the common theme for this lifetime

There are 7 planes of energy field where we choose to live in a lifetime. All spirits complete all the 7 planes, from level 1 through level 7 and reach the Oneness.

By studying the transit of the 3 levels – levels 3, 4, 5 which have close vibration of material Earth – we can see how the spirit is growing. Level 3 is called lower astral, level 4 life on earth, and level 5 the higher astral. The higher the level, the more degree of light and positive experiences. In the middle field of level 4, the field contains both positivity and negativity.

■ Legacy of skills and learnings you have acquired may be utilized this lifetime

Through the past lives reading, you will understand how your spirit has evolved, and the common theme among the three and this lifetime, which can deepen the understanding of yourself now.

It is up to you to utilize the skills, experience, learnings you gained in the past lives, or challenge something completely new.

We hope the reading detail helps your life in this lifetime to prosper and be successful, and lead a happy fulfilling life!

■How to make an appointment
For salon or online session, please book from booking form.
For email reading, please fill in the email session request form below.

Spiritual reading and counseling

■ If you want to change, that means you are ready to step up to a new stage.

Like the seasonal cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter, there is a cycle within a person’s life. You have the innate rhythm to move on. This is because before you are born in the body, our spirits plan what to experience on the next adventure of life for their spiritual growth.

The signs of you ready to change appear in various forms. For example,
– You feel unsatisfied with the life that once satisfied you.
– You notice this isn’t the life you wished.
– You want to know why you are fighting with the disease for so long.

The good news is that the moment you start reviewing your life and wish to be the true you, the change has already begun spiritually. Sometimes, change can feel unstable or scary. When you want assurance, help and hints to step up to the next level and reach out for the happiness, success, health, and peace within you, your spirit guide  your spirit guide who knows the highest vibration of your spirit can provide you with a great deal of the messages and advices that is necessary at the moment.

■ Change comes to solid reality by taking action after receiving the message, whether it is tiny step.

With the messages that exceeds the confinements and restrictions of reality, you will learn why certain occasion is happening, why you are feeling that way, why you are not certain, and what problem you have, and what you are experiencing through those problems.

After the session, it is important to take whatever action you are guided to take, being truthful to your intuition and your true feelings, which are in harmony with your flow of spirit. No worries about the result. The spirit guides will provide you with necessary people, occasion, and assistance along the way in the divine timing, just when you and relevant people are ready for change to head for the new direction.

Mimiten will do our best to support the clients to live a happy life where you show your true brilliance from within.

■How to make an appointment
For salon or online session, please book from booking form.
For email reading, please fill in the email reading request form below.

Soul structure reading

All the spirits decide what to experience in one’s life before they are born. This includes who your parents will be, your gender, the era, the environment you will be raised… Your spirit plans these in detail so that you can experience what you have planned. The experience leads to the spirit’s spiritual growth toward complete light and the source of Creation, the Oneness, where your spirit is originally from. When the time comes, you come down to Earth and reside in the body of your mother’s womb that is soon to become yours for that lifetime. 

■You have a purpose in life chosen before you were born

You select a most appropriate spiritual archetype that determines your spiritual role during the lifetime. You also select a spiritual goal so that you gain experience on a certain theme. Our spirits repeat many reincarnations and live many lives. According to the numbers and gained experiences from the reincarnations, the soul belongs to a certain age group. By getting to know your soul archetype, spiritual goal, and soul age group, you will understand your spiritual purpose of life and what you’re experiencing in this lifetime.

We live many lives to gain various experiences. Each life is placed in a plane of energy which can be categorized from level 1 to level 7.  By observing various levels of the lives, you can see how your soul have evolved, and understand the underlying common theme you have for this lifetime.

■Every spirit reaches the same place in the end

Spiritual growth is no competition. Eventually we all meet up in the spiritual end point, that is the Oneness, the source of all our souls. The energy of Oneness is boundless, pure love, peace, light, synthesis, life, and creative. What we experience, both negative and positive, is the necessary step to be one with there. So, let’s get to know your soul and find hints to live a purposeful, beautiful life!

■Items of soul structure reading

Spiritual archetype
There are 7 spiritual archetypes, and your spirit has one core archetype that does not change throughout your life. There are also 仮面 archetypes, where you have acquired the skills of another archetype in the past lives and can act as necessary.

Spiritual goal
There are 7 spiritual goals, and your spirit has decided to focus on one of the goals to experience in this lifetime. The goal here indicates a goal from spiritual point of view, so it is different from specific personal goals, for example, your profession.

Spiritual age group
Spiritual age has nothing to do with the physical age. Even a child could have a very old spirit, and vice versa.

Divine message from your spirit guide
The reading includes channeled divine message that the client’s spirit guide wants to say at the time of the reading. The message may include necessary information, what you need to hear, or simply just a boost of love.

■How to make an appointment
For salon or online session, please book from booking form.
For email reading, please fill in the email session request form below.

Steps to Book an Appointment

Below is the process flow from booking to the session.


Book your convenient date/time on the booking page.

You can book the sessions from here. The appointment is not complete at this point. The staff will reply to  you with confirmation email within 3 business days.


Connect on the booking date (Salon or Online)

Mimiten’s motto is to welcome the client with bright smile.
Mimiten makes its best effort to create peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.


For digital deliveries (Email sessions):

If you like to read the results in email, you will find Email Session Request Form in the bottom corner of this page. Please fill in the necessary information and submit. 

The staff will reply to you with confirmation email within 3 business days. The service of your request will be delivered within 5 business days after the confirmation email has been sent.

"I truly believe that all levels of my past lives is connected to me today. In this life time, I feel I am redoing something left to do in the past life and learn something. Of course, I think I am experiencing something new, too... In my past decisions in this life, I sometimes could not understand the reason why I chose it, asking myself 'why did I choose this path?'. But having read the reading result, I know why. Thank you very much."

H.S., Japan, 30s, female – Past life reading

"Firstly, i had fun experiencing and getting to know 'reading'. I was able to hear what I was thinking about my career, exactly as I was thinking, but I could've asked when I had more issues (haha). As for partner topic, it was exactly the problem! After all, things that you think come into reality, doesn't it. I had fun!"

K.S., Japan, 30s, Male – Spiritual reading & counseling

"I faced difficult situations all at once, and they were all similar cases in the past, so my friend recommended me to read my soul and understand the meaning of what is happening now. I searched Google and reached here, and I purchased it because the content and the price was great. As for the content, as I have such scarce experience in spiritual matters, at first it was difficult to understand, but Mimiten explained thoroughly in email for free, and this became a hint to break through my current situation. Thank you so much!"

K.O., Japan, Male – Soul structure reading

"Thank you for the beautiful reading. Having learned what I'd learnt in the past lives, I felt love for my soul. Living several decades in each life and learning a theme in each life... and this life time is based on those learnings, and I feel so encouraged to brighten its light! In the last summary page, I thought everything connects to my crystal work (in this lifetime). For example, the sense of guilt to price a crystal... I was able to receive message that made me organize these issues within me."

T.K., Japan, Past life reading, Female

"Having read my aura and spirit bodies with psychometry, it felt as though somebody was teaching me from some place far from my imagination, and it was fun. I received advice that can be my guideline for action, I would like to stick to it for future actions."

M.A., Japan,  30s, Female – Spiritual reading & counseling

"I was surprised to hear various advices before I even said anything about it. I experienced and thought similar things in the past life, and unclear things connected, and I was able to have hope for future. I am so happy I came here. Thank you very much."

Toamo, Japan, Female – Soul structure reading

"It was amazing how you saw things that I am thinking now through past lives. I am happy that I found the solution to my problem."

XXX, Japan, 20s, Male – Past life reading

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