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Mimiten Booking Calendar 

Thank you for using Spiritual & Naturopath Salon Mimiten!


Please read below before you book the service:


  • 重度の症状がある場合は、事前に医師の同意を得て下さい。
  • 全てのみみ天のサービスは、医療行為ではありませんので、効果は保証し兼ねます。
  • 以下の支払いポリシーを読み、同意します。


Please make sure you agree with all items below.

  • I do not have any severe symptoms or illness. If I do, I will receive permission from the doctor first.
  • I understand that all Mimiten service is not conduct of medical treatment and is not liable for any effects or consequences.
  • I have read the payment policy below and agree to the terms.

In case above items are not applicable, Mimiten may reject to provide the service for the client’s own safety.


支払規約|Payment Policy


  1. みみ天ではクライアントに安心してセッションを受けていただくため、お支払いはQ&Aを含むセッションが全て完了しクローズ後、1週間以内に手続きのご協力をお願いしております。但し現地(サロン)の場合は当日現金精算となります。
  2. 予約の変更:予約日時の1日前まで受け付けております。
  3. 予約のキャンセル:予約日の前日まで受け付けております。キャンセル期限を過ぎるとキャンセル料金が発生する場合があります。
  4. クローズ後の取引キャンセル、返金は特別な事情を除きお受けしておりません。
  5. 指定の時間を超えた場合は、延滞料金が発生する場合がありますので予めご了承ください。延長は30分毎に3,000円です。

General terms:

  1. To assure the reliability of the service for clients, Mimiten adopts payment after the session is complete and closed including the Q&A.
  2. Cancel fee may arise for face-to-face sessions for below cases: 50% for cancellation prior to the appointment date, 100% on the appointment date in Japan Standard Time.
  3. Change of appointment is available 1 day prior to the appointment date in Japan Standard Time.
  4. Mimiten does not accept any refund or cancellation request for any reasons after completion of the session except for unexpected incidents.
  5. In case the time exceeds the time slot, we may charge extention fee. The charge is ¥3,000 per 30 minute slot.

For clients who do not have Japanese bank account:

  1. The client will be asked to promptly make payment either by TransferWise or Paypal within two weeks after the close date except for face-to-face salon sessions in Tokyo, which will be paid on the spot.
  2. All the payment is done in Japanese Yen.
  3. Mimiten is not liable for any matters related to the payment transaction, so please check the guidelines of your selected payment system first. Any accrued cost (i.e. commission fee, currency exchange rate) of the payment system will be covered by the client.

上記に合意し、予約画面に進む|I agree to above terms and proceed to booking

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